Starling Jet scales up and sees potential sales worth $1 BILLION

UK start-up Samad Aerospace is developing the Starling Jet, which it claims is the world’s first business aircraft with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). We checked in on progress with Samad Aerospace’s CEO, Seyed Mohseni.

At Farnborough Airshow recently, Mohseni was showing a 20% scale model of the aircraft, up from the 10% model that was on show at Singapore Airshow earlier this year, when the programme was announced.

Mohseni told FINN: “We have tested the 10% scale prototype. That test is completed.”

The hover test is complete and the next step is transition and cruise tests on the 20% model, he said.

Sales worth up to $1 billion

Mohseni also shared more detail on the potential uses for the aircraft.

He commented: “It is for, as you said, rich people, but it could be for everybody else, because one of the applications of this aircraft is for air ambulance, where it takes the casualties to hospital three times faster than helicopters.”

Mohseni also said that Supreme Jets has now signed a letter of intent to purchase 16 of the Starling Jets, meaning 119 aircraft are now on order.

“That potentially means $1 billion of sales,” Mohseni said.

Mohseni said he is seeing huge interest in the aircraft.

“People are calling us ‘the Tesla of the skies,’ he said, “Because they have seen this happening in other industries. So they see electric planes, but at the same time, vertical take-off and landing – this is what people are expecting, both from the industry and the market.”

News Source: wearefinn

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