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Only from the heart can you touch the skies.

ARC Aerosystems Vision and Mission aims to become an aircraft OEM providing an affordable, accessible and sustainable civil air transport to connect communities and empowerment of individuals.

Our Vision

“A world of affordable and sustainable mobility, connecting communities and empowering individuals.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a practical and compelling solution for global transportation challenges by: 

  • Offering versatile, affordable, energy-efficient piloted passenger/cargo transport. 
  • Enabling connectivity, by bringing affordable transportation to areas where little or no infrastructure exists. 
  • Commitment to serve humanitarian activities avoiding involvement in any programme with military purposes.

On target to comply with the government NET ZERO programme, putting the environment first.


Our dream is to revolutionize the way humans and goods fly around the world.


We have designed the safest way to travel, safer than a helicopter.


Not restricted to airports for take-off and landing, ARC’s transportation system provides passengers with a flexible, point to point travel experience.


We have designed a transportation system that saves the passengers their most valuable asset, time.


Our transportation system is as luxurious as a private jet.


Beyond the VTOL development

We are fostering the creation of  the infrastructure, and supporting services that will be needed in the future of Advanced Air Mobility. In conjunction with our subsidiary Small World Aviation, ARC conducted an extensive study on improving the vertiport infrastructure in Scotland

Dr Seyed Mohseni

Dr Seyed Mohseni is a serial entrepreneur who has founded a number of successful businesses with his academic background in Aerospace Engineering Design. He holds an MSc in Aerospace Propulsion (Cranfield University) as well as an MBA and doctorate in Gas Turbine Technology (Cranfield University). ARC Aerosystems Ltd (Formerly SAMAD Aerospace), is a UK based company, developing a range of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) electric-powered business aircraft for civil aviation use.

Glenn Waters

Currently involved in Autonomous & Connected Vehicles. Expertise in Design, Construction and Testing of UAV and Small Piloted Aircraft. Lifetime experience in high level Motorsport – For more than 20 years has led the transition of motorsport technologies into Aerospace/Other applications with particular emphasis in Electronic Control & Data Systems and Propulsion Technologies. Cosworth/Pi Research – McLaren Applied Technologies. Started formal work with Team Lotus in F1 in 1973. Founded companies (Racing Technology Norfolk -etc.) which conducted joint ventures with Toyota Motor Corporation and the Audi Volkswagen Group. Finished contracting work at McLaren Applied Technologies in December 2016.

John Wighton

John Wighton has extensive background in certification across a variety of airborne platforms. His specialist skill area is structural optimisation where he champions the adoption of innovative, ultra-lightweight, designs. He studied at Herts University and LSBU, he is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. His experience in industry began with an engineering apprenticeship at BAe Hatfield, consulting work for a major Tier 1 company followed by many years of entrepreneurial activity, including a JV with GE Plastics where he set up an engineering services company that was later divested. He has held major post-holder positions at CAA DOA and EASA Part 21J organisations. In recent times his portfolio of projects includes e-VTOL development, involvement with the RR ACCEL electric aircraft program as well as type approval work on period replicas of historic aircraft.

Dennis Scott

Dennis holds an MSc. from Lancaster University and is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. He has over 40 years of experience gained at many aerospace OEMs and tier 1 suppliers across the industry. Military aircraft projects have ranged from fighters, trainers, tactical airlifters to attack and transport helicopters, whilst commercial projects have included regional turboprop and jet aircraft, and long-range Airbus and Boeing products. Dennis also supported Rolls-Royce on the BR710/715 engine programmes. Dennis was Head of Engineering/DOA at Dunlop Aerospace (now Meggitt/Parker), and also at PFW GmbH (now Hutchinson), holding delegated design authority for structures and systems from Airbus (AP1020). Dennis spent 9 years as ass. Chief Designer at COMAC in China, supporting the design, development, and certification of the ARJ-21, C919 and CR929 commercial aircraft programmes. He also provided guidance to the COMAC leadership on the technical and capability development of COMAC, providing best practice training to all levels of the business. The coordination of the international supply chain played an important part of his role. During his time in China, Dennis was presented with the China Friendship Award, and was a visiting professor at a leading university. Upon returning to Europe, Dennis has supported new aircraft development projects, and is thrilled to join ARC Aerosystems as Director: Supply Chain.

Prof. Iain Gray

Professor Gray has strong industry background in aerospace having spent nearly 30 years in the Aerospace Manufacturing/Engineering sector, ultimately heading Airbus in the UK. He led the UK Government Innovation agenda as Chief Executive of the Technology Strategy Board, responsible for an £0.5bn annual budget and interacting with approx 5000 businesses large and small across all sectors. He also occupies board member positions, and non-exec roles of various bodies including Universities, third sector and professional engineering professional bodies. Professor Gray has a recognised leadership role often providing opinion and keynote speeches across the engineering and innovation landscape. Moreover, he is currently Professor and Director of Aerospace at Cranfield University.

Norman Wijker

Norman Wijker is a graduate of Cranfield University’s famous Aerospace Vehicle Design course. After graduation, Norman worked in a variety of roles, from software coding for Tilt-rotor performance at the MoD to all-round design/manufacturing at Edgely Aeronautics and positions in Airbus and Boeing. In 2002 Norman brought together a team of sailors and engineers to design and race a C class catamaran for the “little America’s Cup” and raced in championships in the USA and UK. This led to a job working for Airbus future projects during which time Norman was consulted on the new “innovation cell” in Toulouse. Since joining ARC (Formerly SAMAD) in 2018, Norman has led the designs for e-Starling and Q-Starling.

Marwan Maurizio Chedid

Dr Marwan Maurizio Chedid has an extensive background with aircraft structures (metal and composite materials, MSc Cranfield University), flight and ground loads (numerical and experimental, PhD at Cranfield University) means of compliance of the certification rules of Initial and Continuing Airworthiness, Structural Integrity Programmes (Operational Loads Measurement, Life Extension) developed through international aerospace manufacturers (Vulcanair, Partenavia, Pilatus, Evektor, and Comac) and maintenance organisation (Marshall Aerospace). This exposed him for more than 20 years to the challenges of the technical departments for civil and military aircraft regulated according to international aviation authorities.

John Ellis

John has a lifetime of experience in the aviation and aerospace industry in multiple senior management roles, including CEO, Managing Director, Marketing Director, Commercial Director, and Business Development Director. John specialises in raising investment and finance for airports, aerospace, and aviation projects with a specialisation in UK Export Finance. He also assists in the acquisition of aircraft for airlines including finance and leasing. John is a qualified NLP Specialist and Certified Human Resource Manager qualified with the American Certification Institute in Delaware, USA. He is also a Business Coach qualified at Bournemouth University in the UK.

Duncan J. J. Potter
Sales & Marketing Director

Duncan Potter has an extensive background of experience in multiple multinational corporations in senior management roles, including Managing Director, European Director and Commercial Director. Duncan was a Managing Partner in a large IADA accredited business aviation brokerage with headquarters in the United States and then a Partner in the European distributor for the Eclipse Business Jet. Duncan holds a Private Pilot’s Licence and has been a keen General Aviation follower for over 30 years. He lived in Brazil for many years, Russia for 2 years, The Netherlands for 5 years and is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Amir Edalatian

Amir Edalatian, has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and management of multinational corporations with a successful track record of taking companies from birth to growth stage and maturity. His background encompasses management and leadership of corporations with capital intensity such as heavy industries, logistics and technology companies. He has also been acting as a financial and strategy consultant to multinational corporations.

Prof. John Fielding

Professor John Fielding boasts over 45 years of experience in the aerospace industry; starting with 12 years industrial experience as an apprentice, stress engineer and design engineer in Manchester. There is worked on the Nimrod, BAE 748 and BAE 146 aircraft. He then joined Cranfield University as the first ARB Research Fellow and subsequently became lecturer, senior lecturer, Professor of Aircraft Design and Head of the Department of Aerospace Engineering. He was also Chief Engineer of the BAE Systems/EPSRC–sponsored DEMON technology demonstrator UAV. He is Professor Emeritus at Cranfield University where he teaches and supervises post-Graduate students and carries out research.

Mohammad Reza Marghoubkar

Mohammad Reza is a multi-skilled and ambitious engineer, who has completed his MSc in Mechanical Engineering as the top graduate in 2014. Since starting his engineering work in 2012 he has gained vast engineering knowledge in different fields worldwide, including gas turbine optimisation, oil and gas, technical drawing, construction, manufacturing site QC/QA supervision, systems engineering, aerospace, and biotechnology. As well as industrial and engineering experience, Mohammad Reza has participated in scientific activities, such as lecturing and research for both universities and industrial institutes. His international work experience in South America, the Middle East and Europe with fluency in three languages (English, Spanish, and Persian) has made him an engineer without borders.

Shayan Amin

Shayan is a passionate entrepreneur with 10 years’ experience in the sales and marketing of luxury goods across various parts of the world. With an undergraduate degree in Business Management, he maintains an exceptional understanding of business, both practically and academically.

Arisha Mohseni

Arshia is a talented accountant with a wide range of skills in finance and account management. He started his internship in the finance department of Samad Power in 2019 and after showing significant improvement was soon promoted to Accounting Executive in Samad Power and ARC Aerosystems (Formerly SAMAD Aerospace). Moreover, he is currently completing his Finance Studies degree at the University of Northampton, which provides him with more experience, both practically and academically.

Skif Dobney

Skif recently graduated from the MSc Aerospace Vehicle Design from Cranfield University, and with first class honours in his bachelor for Mechanical Engineering from Polytechnical University of Catalonia. He has a year work experience in Spain in the Automotive sector as support Quality Engineer. During which he gained important skills such as CAD modelling, FEA stress analysis, fluid dynamics and design. Together with his developed technical skills, Skif is fluent in four languages (English, Spanish, Catalan & German) making him adaptable to any situation.

Farid Rassouli

Farid graduated from Sharif University with a degree in double majors, aerospace engineering and material science and engineering. He won first place in the 2019 AIAA graduate design competition related to eVTOL air taxi design as a leader of the team. He also participates in two more design AIAA design competitions as a team member and advisor in 2018 and 2021 and won 3rd and 2nd places. He started working on the eVTOL project in 2017. Being enthusiastic about exploring innovative ideas and having problem-solving skills, he continues working as part of the design team.

Zahra Meschi

Zahra received her MSc in Thermal Power and Propulsion (Rotating Machinery Engineering and Management) with first-class honours from Cranfield University. Prior to that, ranking among top ten percent of students, she finished her undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering at Tehran Polytechnic. During her studies, she focussed on Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamic Design of Rotating Machinery, Optimization, and Gas Turbine Performance Analysis; and for her Master’s thesis, she looked at “The Adjoint Method for Transonic Aerodynamic Optimization.”

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