Certified under FAA Part 27 Type Certification, Pegasus offers unique flight capabilities with the highest levels of safety.

a little History

The gyroplane played a serious role in early aviation. Developed by Juan de La Cierva, and improved. upon by Harold Pitcairn, it was performing commercial tasks such as mail transport and delivery between central post offices in the United States in the late 1920's and early 1930’s.


Actual point-to-point service was accomplished by using post office building roofs for take-offs. and landings. In the late 1930's, the U.S. Government pressed Harold Pitcairn to allow Igor. Sikorsky to use his improved rotor head design in order to develop the helicopter. At that time, the U.S. Military felt that a hovering aircraft would be important in the coming war (WWII).


Over the years, through the impact of numerous wars, sustained military development, and increased investment, helicopters evolved into more refined and sophisticated machines. Their military applications expanded and diversified, with ongoing advancements in technology.


Beyond the military realm and other sectors where hovering capability is indispensable and cost is not a primary concern, helicopters found practical and economic utility on a broader scale.

No Runway? No Problem!

Pegasus can Take-off and Land Vertically

from a field next to your house.

Min Speed

40 km/h

Max Operating Altitude

13,000 ft

Take-Off Capability

Vertical Jump Take-Off

Cruise Speed

160 km/h

Max Range

610 km

Landing Capability

No Roll Landing

Operating cost matter!

The fact is that the helicopter has never overcome its original basic shortcomings and as a result remains an expensive and relatively limited aircraft. It is also a fact that the market need has expanded dramatically in areas requiring an aircraft which can take off and land vertically, need not hover, has good range, reasonable cruising speeds while being capable of slow flight, is inherently safe to fly, will not be plagued by unscheduled maintenance and is inexpensive to operate. 

​As a gyrocopter, benefit from free rotation during flight, which not only increases safety but also lowers operating costs because it consumes less fuel and does not require a gearbox, resulting in lower maintenance costs.​

Pegasus is the answer to these market needs

Where Pegasus can make a difference

Law Enforcement

Emergency Medical Services

Environment Monitoring

Air Taxi

Infrastructure Inspection

Sightseeing and Recreational Flying

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