Samad Aerospace Welcomes Norman Wijker

Norman David Richard Wijker joins on board the aerospace tech start-up as Head of Engineering Research & Development to lead and spur the R&D growth as the Starling Fleet starts to fly. With former 30 years of experience including with Airbus and Boeing, Norman is geared with solid grounding in aerospace structures and backed up by experience in future projects, landing gear design and aircraft integration.

Dr. Seyed Mohseni, SAMAD Aerospace CEO said: “I am thrilled that Norman is joining our exciting team as he shares our vision in revolutionising the way humans and goods fly around the world. Norman’s vast experience in Airbus and Boeing will be invaluable as we aim to have our first flight in place in 2019. In his position as the Head of Engineering R&D at SAMAD, Norman will play a vital role in the R&D department, to ensure the company is fully optimised and the Starling aircraft would be ready for commercialisation.”

Norman Wijker said: “I am very excited to be joining Samad Aerospace. The kind of radical innovation that the Starling Jet represents is exactly why I started a career in aerospace. This is certain to be an adventure!”

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