Q-STARLING Personal Air Vehicle (PAV)

The Q-Starling from #ARC_Aerosystems will give owners the ultimate #luxury in personal #HybridElectric flying. The efficient #sustainable #QStarling will give passengers unparalleled point-to-point mobility options.

News source: ARC Aerosystems

Kevalya Sheth

Kevalya is an innovative aerospace engineer passionate about unmanned aerial systems, and sustainable civil aviation. He holds a Master’s in Aerospace Vehicle Design from Cranfield University and a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where he gained experience in UAV design and aerodynamic analysis. Kevalya has over two years of experience at NewSpace Research and Technologies (Bengaluru, India), contributing to UAV design, testing, and AI integration for swarm drone operations. He played a key role in the first tandem wing UAV in India. With experience in aircraft design, structural analysis, aerodynamics, and flight testing, Kevalya brings valuable skills in cutting-edge aerospace projects involving unmanned systems and sustainable aviation.