HUMATM Launches in LIMA

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Samad Aerospace is a disruptive technology start-up in the UK aerospace industry; committed to accelerate the development of the future ecosystem of aviation through the design and development of electric and hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft to improve connectivity and civilian air transportation worldwide.

The world had seen two aviation revolutions since the invention of Wright brothers. The conversion of wooden biplanes to fast metal monoplanes followed by the integration of jet engines have enabled massive progression in world aerospace industry. Today, aircraft electrification, VTOL (therefore, no need of busy airports), autonomy and exploitation of artificial intelligence (AI) are critical enabling technologies to unlock the upcoming wave of 3rd aviation revolution. Globally, world-leading aircraft manufacturers are working towards realizing this future, with significant investments are made today in the US and China to accelerate development and production of innovative more-electric next-generation aircraft.

Samad Aerospace is pioneering the design, development and build of the world’s fastest vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) electric and hybrid-electric aircraft at 1500 miles range and up to 460 miles per hour speed that significantly reduces travel time (~50%) for air ambulance applications, intercity air transporters and international air travels, via the E-Starling.

Today at LIMA’19, the CEO of Samad Aerospace, Seyed Mohseni said, “In addition to this, Samad Aerospace has been watching the development of urban air mobility closely. We believe that the technology we’re developing will be applicable in many ways to the market as it evolves from today’s best practices.”

“Our advances in technology such as autonomy and usage monitoring will be key, and we look forward to continuing to add our perspective to emerging markets including urban air mobility.”

Seyed launches HUMATM (Home & Urban Mobility Aircraft), a two-seater 2-in-1 combo of all-electric VTOL aircraft and car. The design of the aircraft addresses all of the key criteria tailored to the urban mobility market: minimum acquisition and operating costs, as well as improved efficiency and ease in air travel.



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