Electric Hybrid VTOL Business Jet Manufacturer

Samad Aerospace is a company based in Cranfield Technology Park developing an exciting new hybrid electric vertical take-off and landing (e-VTOL) business jet. The Starling jet will be the world’s first hybrid electric propelled business jet that is capable of vertical take-off and landing like helicopter with the comfort, speed and range of business jet. The fact that the aircraft can be propelled electrically reduces the aviation CO2 emission significantly in the urban areas.

The technology in business jet industry has matured without any major innovation during the last three decades. Although much of the efforts have gone into enhancing the comfort in the cabin, increasing the range, and other specifications; these aircraft still need airports/runways to take-off and land, going through time consuming practice of airport security plus the taxes and expenses of airports. The high cost of these air vehicles has limited their market to large corporations, and wealthy individuals….

News Source: f6s

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