ARC resurrects the Avian Pegasus Gyroplane

ARC will begin Pegasus test flights in early 2024 at its facility in Cranfield, UK

By PETER SHAW-SMITH • Contributor – Middle East

November 15, 2023

ARC Aerosystems has announced the return of the Avian Pegasus gyroplane, an aircraft developed in Canada during the 1960s that remains the only FAA Part 27-certified gyroplane in the world. It features a jump take-off and zero-roll landing capability and acts as a technology demonstrator for the UK start-up’s nine-seat Linx P9 compound rotorcraft.

The Linx P9 will incorporate the jump take-off technology of the Pegasus, as well as a hybrid propulsion system and advanced flight controls, offering a fast and efficient regional air transport solution. The company is also developing a small P3 model and the C-600 uncrewed cargo drone.

“ARC will also explore the potential of the Pegasus as a retro solution to the modern problem of air taxis and urban air mobility,” the company said. “The Pegasus offers serval advantages over emerging electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, such as lower noise and power consumption, higher safety, and lower maintenance costs. The Pegasus is already certified  and proven, unlike many eVTOL concepts that are still in the experimental stage.”

ARC will begin Pegasus test flights in early 2024 at its facility in Cranfield, UK. It has designated Chris Taylor, a qualified and widely experienced test pilot with over 400 different aircraft types in his portfolio, to conduct the flights.

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