ARC Forms Strategic Aerospace Joint Venture in Saudi Arabia

Supported by the National Industrial Development Centre and the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia, we have established a Joint Venture with the Saudi company, Life Shield. This agreement initiates a 1.5 billion SAR (£300 million) investment to develop manufacturing facilities and promote technology transfer within the aerospace sector in Saudi Arabia.

The deal also benefits the UK by expanding opportunities in low-volume manufacturing, pilot training, and potentially partnering with Cranfield University for academic projects.

The agreement was signed at the office of Mr. Bandar Ibrahim Alkhorayef, Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia.

Life Shield has also supported our participation at the Future Aviation Forum in Riyadh by funding the transportation of our Pegasus model for the event. This underscores their commitment to the success of this Joint Venture.

This partnership reinforces ARC’s position as a significant player in the aerospace industry, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals.

Stay tuned as we continue on this transformative journey.

Kevalya Sheth

Kevalya is an innovative aerospace engineer passionate about unmanned aerial systems, and sustainable civil aviation. He holds a Master’s in Aerospace Vehicle Design from Cranfield University and a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where he gained experience in UAV design and aerodynamic analysis. Kevalya has over two years of experience at NewSpace Research and Technologies (Bengaluru, India), contributing to UAV design, testing, and AI integration for swarm drone operations. He played a key role in the first tandem wing UAV in India. With experience in aircraft design, structural analysis, aerodynamics, and flight testing, Kevalya brings valuable skills in cutting-edge aerospace projects involving unmanned systems and sustainable aviation.