ARC Aerosystems whitepaper, EVTOL: A problem money can’t buy

The eVTOL sector is one of the most controversial sectors in the aerospace industry. It has attracted billions of dollars of investment from venture capitalists, corporations, and governments, who see it as the future of urban mobility and transportation. However, behind the hype and the promises, there are many challenges and risks that are often overlooked or downplayed by eVTOL proponents and enthusiasts.

In this whitepaper, a group of industry experts from ARC Aerosystems, with over 200 years of combined experience in leading companies such as Airbus, Boeing, BAE Systems, Comac, McLaren, and others, expose the inaccuracies and pitfalls that affect the technical, commercial, and compliance aspects of eVTOL. They provide a realistic and comprehensive assessment of the current state and future prospects of this emerging technology, based on rigorous analysis and extensive data.

Some of the key topics covered in this whitepaper are:

The technical feasibility and performance of eVTOL designs and concepts, and the trade-offs and limitations involved in achieving them.
The commercial viability and scalability of eVTOL business models and operations, and the assumptions and uncertainties that underpin them.
The compliance and safety requirements and standards for eVTOL certification and regulation, and the gaps and challenges that exist in meeting them.
This whitepaper will shake the foundations of the eVTOL industry and challenge the idea that money can solve any problem. It will show that eVTOL requires a different approach, one that is based on prudence, wisdom, innovation, collaboration, and most importantly, transparency. It will also offer some recommendations and best practices for the eVTOL stakeholders and policymakers, to ensure that this technology is developed and implemented in a responsible and sustainable manner.

If you are interested in learning more about the truth about eVTOL, you can download the full whitepaper here. We hope you find this whitepaper informative and insightful, and we welcome your feedback and comments.

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