ARC Aerosystems (formally SAMAD AEROSPACE) reveals it’s concept for world’s first EVTOL Aviation Innovation Village

ARC Aerosystems, the UK hybrid electric VTOL aviation company, announces its vision for the first eVTOL aviation innovation village in the world.

The aviation innovation village will connect professionals working in eVTOL technology and research.

Commercial aviation facilities will include an airport, industrial assembly plant and an aerospace business innovation hub. ARC Aerosystems plans to have its own manufacturing facilities in the village where it will manufacture its low emission VTOL aircraft fleet.

Residential and recreational facilities will include shopping malls, hospital, schools, food courts and coffee shops, bus terminals, villas in two types and size, flats in seven different sizes, sport center, game center, museum and cultural space, green spaces, car park spaces, cinema, hotel, library and health center.

At the core of the aviation village will be education. With pilot training, schools, R&D facilities for regional universities with engineering and aerospace faculties.

The ARC Aerosystems team plan to build a several aviation village hubs around the world to bring aviation communities together. Initial plans include villages in the European continent, China, India, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Canada and the Middle East.

Speaking from his UK Head Office at Cranfield Technology Park, Dr. Seyed Mohseni, CEO of ARC Aerosystems, said:

ARC Aerosystems is leading the way in the development of a hybrid electric aircraft fleet. Their intention is to make flying as common practice as driving with the ability to move directly from point-to-point.

News source: AviationPros

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