ARC Aerosystems Confirms Sale of 5 Pegasus Aircraft

Cranfield, United Kingdom – ARC Aerosystems has finalised a transaction for the sale of five Pegasus
aircraft to a Scottish investor to lease to a pilot training school and an aerial service operator, with
ARC committed to delivering all units by the first quarter of 2026. The Pegasus is the first Non helicopter VTOL aircraft to receive FAA certification.

Understanding the eVTOL landscape, ARC looks to leverage the Pegasus potential as a solution to
modern challenges in rural transport and various civil contingencies. The Pegasus offers several
advantages over current eVTOL models: notably lower power consumption, increased safety, and
reduced maintenance costs. Crucially, unlike many eVTOL concepts still under development, the
Pegasus is already certified and operationally proven.

The certification and demonstrated operational reliability of the Pegasus set it apart in a market
filled with emerging, yet unproven, eVTOL concepts. This sale not only reflects ARC Aerosystems
capability to meet current aviation demands but also highlights its role in shaping the future of VTOL

Dr Seyed Mohseni: ‘The first real sale of 5 aircraft exemplify ARC Aerosystems ability to meet the
evolving needs of the aviation industry but also reinforces its commitment to pioneering efficient
and practical aerial mobility solutions.

ARC Aerosystems is poised to begin test flights of the Pegasus over the coming months at its
Cranfield facility, with public demonstrations planned at the Farnborough Air Show.

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