ARC Aerosystems completes ARC C150 full transition tests

Having previously completed hover test and full transition of their half scale prototype, this new test marks the full transition test of their full scale prototype for this craft.

ARC, based in Cranfield Technology Park, have been pioneers in the development of eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) crafts – designed to bring the next generation of efficient flight.

Their C150 design features conventional wings combined with multirotor propulsion schemes. This allows it to combine key elements of both helicopters and small airplanes, and offer greater reliability, efficiency and lower emissions.
Now, they have seen clear proof of concept by successfully completing full-transition testing.

Transition testing is one of the most crucial aspects for VTOL crafts – proving the C150 is able to move smoothly from vertical to horizontal flight. This combination allows for both practical vertical take-off and landing and more efficient conventional flight.

To reach this stage the C150 has undergone four years of evolution and is now ready to move into its final stages of development.

It is capable of transporting 30kg of cargo up to 400km, with projected use cases including delivery of vital medical supplies, including blood and organ transport, as well as last-mile parcel delivery or forestry missions. The C150 particularly excels when considering its ability to reach remote or hard-to-access areas – shrinking the time spent on logistics and travel.

Studies show that in the logistics industry 50% of customers willing to pay for same-day delivery of which, 70% are residential and 30% are commercial customers, this shows a great demand for bringing the parcels faster and closer to customers. ARC UAVs can not only be a key player in the future of the logistics industry, also they will be serving a wide range of applications including:

  • Delivery to offshore facilities such as ships, wind turbines, oil platforms
  • Delivery of vital medical supplies to remote areas
  • Just in time delivery in manufacturing of urgent required goods
  • Transportation of high value or time sensitive items between Free Zones
  • Transportation of high value or time sensitive items to remote areas

ARC are now moving towards securing the final stages of certification to allow this product to enter the market, with an already growing interest from a number of key players and future investors.

ARC are now one of the frontrunners in a market set to be substantially sized over the next decades. The global eVTOL aircraft market size is expected to grow to $51.18 billion in 2031 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22% and with an ever-growing focus on environmental sustainability, crafts such as these will play a significant role.

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