John Wighton

Head Of Design Organization 

John Wighton has extensive background in certification across a variety of airborne platforms.  His specialist skill area is structural optimisation where he champions the adoption of innovative, ultra-lightweight, designs.   He studied at Herts University and LSBU, he is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.  His experience in industry began with an engineering apprenticeship at BAe Hatfield, consulting work for a major Tier 1 company followed by many years of entrepreneurial activity, including a JV with GE Plastics where he set up an engineering services company that was later divested.  He has held major post-holder positions at CAA DOA and EASA Part 21J organisations.  In recent times his portfolio of projects includes e-VTOL development, involvement with the RR ACCEL electric aircraft program as well as type approval work on period replicas of historic aircraft.