ARC Aerosystems (Formerly SAMAD Aerospace) celebrates e-Starling demonstrator test flight

Samad Aerospace’s Starling programme has celebrated a milestone with the first successful take off and landing of its half scale fully electric aircraft.

The successful test flight will pave the path to commercialisation for the e-VTOL hybrid aircraft. Samad CEO, Dr Seyed Mohammad Mohseni, praised his team’s resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, attributing this latest success to their “striking and unparalleled dedication during unprecedented times.”

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New Concept Personal Air Vehicle is All Carbon Fiber

Can flying directly from point-to-point become as common as driving? If the team at SAMAD Aerospace has their way, the answer is yes, as Urban Air Mobility becomes more prevalent. And the Q-Starling can be flown by pilots with a modified Private Pilot License (PPL) qualification.

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ARC Aerosystems(Formerly SAMAD Aerospace) is stepping up flight testing a half-scale model of its eStarling eVTOL aircraft

Samad Aerospace launched in 2017 with plans to develop a family of electrically powered, ducted fan aircraft, starting with a UAV (the UAV Starling) and also including a light eVTOL aircraft (e-Starling) and a business jet (Starling Jet). When the company was launched in 2017, the plan called for the UAV to enter service in 2019, followed by the e-Starling in 2022 and the Starling Jet in 2024.

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